The Ultimate Startup Co-Living and Co-Working Space

Immerse yourself in the most productive environment for entrepreneurs.

Imagine waking up one morning to the sun’s rays shining through palm fronts across the river. This isn’t your vacation…this is your home, your campus, your office, and your hangout. Because you’re living in an entrepreneur’s house, in an entrepreneur’s neighborhood, in paradise.


Breakfast is served for free at the Startup Getaway café, amongst tables bustling with founders and creators. Some are chatting about business, some just relaxing as they welcome the day, and some already typing furiously at their laptops or lost in a kindle. You live here and work here amidst the entrepreneurs, most of which are running many startups both within and outside of the Startup Getaway campus.


You’ve got access to top level coders and designers, growth hackers and marketers, founders and investors, and the opportunity to learn from and teach to them with every conversation.


This is paradise, customized for the entrepreneur.


This is Startup Getaway.

- Eddy Azar

  • Quality & Commitment

    Exotic Co-Working & Co-Living Environment

    Guests will be immersed in the most productive, inspiring and educational environment for startups in exotic Bali. No daily chores, cooking, cleaning, laundry or even commuting to and from the office. This highly productive setup lets you focus only on that what truly matters: Your Passion.

    Evolving theme

    Extensive Network & Resources

    “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” so a big part of setting yourself and your startup up for success is to surround yourself with like-minded people. Besides fellow entrepreneurs, you’ll get access to investors and advisors.

Recent Startups

Startup Getaway is part of LivIt, and together we already incubated a wide range of projects that include software development, luxurious villa rental services, as well as educational games. Different teams lead and focus on their particular enterprise, while team members also work across multiple projects.

Our Values

Empower People

We want to inspire and motivate people to become their best selves.

Can-do Attitude

We believe a can-do, positive attitude is a must for every entrepreneur.

Share Knowledge

Sharing is caring, and the Startup Getaway network is all about learning from each other.

Our Testimonial

  • “While being surrounded with like-minded people, you don’t just stay stuck on your own way of thinking but have the opportunity to get valuable feedback right away which takes your own potential and achievements to a whole new level”

    Nicholas MartinNicholas Martin
    Co-founder Startup Spirits

  • “This environment has definitely brought my team together. We work from different locations a lot, and spending time here all together for a couple of months a year has been a huge success for our business and has definitely strengthened our team.”

    Andrea LoubierAndrea Loubier

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